Rapper Daylyt Explains What Changed After Meeting Farrakhan

Battle rapper Daylyt breaks down the story of how he found himself across the table from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Daylyt was making noise in the battle rap circuit but quickly rose to prominence after becoming famous for the antics he'd perform at every battle and even outside of battle rap.

After the murder of Nipsey Hussle the Watts rapper published a heart felt video explaining what the rapper meant to him. He also questioned why we're quick to kill each other but never when someone outside of our community does harm to us. Ultimately this would be the video that led to his meeting with Farrakhan.

In the 18 minute clip above Daylyt explains how he wasn't aware of the power of Farrakhan, the process to meeting him, and why he considers Farrakhan to be equivalent to the prophets of the Bible. Check out this interesting clip and share your thoughts below.